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Solving Hunger Depends on Cross-Camp Debates

Posted On: Oct 10, 2018   |   Posted By: Food Tank

On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Washington Post columnist and James Beard Award-winning writer Tamar Haspel talks about the uncomfortable public discourse that inspires her unconventional writing. “We should try to get more comfortable with discomfort. If we're talking about an issue on the ground, about agriculture, about feeding people, why should that be uncomfortable? It should be productive, it should be interesting. But it has to be kind,” says Haspel.
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Haspel's column Unearthed attempts to cut through divisive food-policy debates, creating a platform for people to not only express their opinions, but also learn from experts on biotech, pesticides, antibiotics, nutrition, and more. However, Haspel notes she has seen the discourse around these topics...

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