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Aquaculture Program Integrates South African Disabled Farmers into Mainstream Economy

Posted On: Oct 8, 2018   |   Posted By: Food Tank

Humanitarian organization INMED has received a grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development for expanding its Adaptive Agriculture program. The program integrates people with disabilities in the Free State Province of South Africa into the mainstream economy. INMED targets the interrelated issues that disabled citizens face, such as exclusion, food security, and nutrition by introducing aquaponics to small farmers and producers.
Free State is considered the bread basket of South Africa but also the province with the highest percentage of citizens with disabilities- 11 percent , or more than 230,000 people.
INMED South Africa and INMED Partnerships for Children will use the grant to update and install aquaponics systems for three cooperatives of farmers with disabilities in Free State. Each aquaponics system can produce approximately 26,000 kg of various greens, 4,000 kg of fruiting plants such as tomatoes and sweet peppers, and 1,900 kg of fish. The project aims at increasing the...

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