• Italian wine mourns the untimely loss of Marco Accordini, 26. “A man who, despite his youth, left an indelible mark on the lives of all of us.”

    13 days ago - By Do Bianchi

    Screenshot from BresciaToday .
    Today, the Italian wine world mourns the untimely loss of Marco Accordini, 26, beloved son of one of Valpolicella's leading families.
    According to reports published by mainstream media, he died this week after being severely injured in a tractor accident.
    “Words cannot describe the pain we are feeling,” the family wrote on its Facebook page yesterday. “Marco was innovation. He was the brain. He was the present and future of our winery. We have lost a son, a nephew, a cousin, a friend. But more than anything else, we have lost a great man. An ambitious man...
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