• 5 Chefs 5 Ways: Thanksgiving Leftovers

    11 days ago - By ChefSteps

    One of the best parts-perhaps the best part-of Thanksgiving is leftovers.
    And as much as we like to eat slapped-together turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and stuffing waffled to crispy perfection , T-Day leftovers can be used to create all sorts of other crazy things.
    Check out the video above to watch as our five chefs go nuts with Thanksgiving leftovers. Use it as inspiration or just take it all in as some postprandial entertainment-it's up to you. All we know is that this was an excellent day to be in the studio kitchen!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
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  • 4 Clever Ways to Organize All Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

    11 days ago - By The Kitchn

    Figuring out what to do with your Thanksgiving Day leftovers is almost as stressful as cooking dinner in the first place.
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