• Pimm's Cup Recipe Boozy Popsicles

    8 days ago - By Foodie With Family

    Our Pimm's Cup Recipe Boozy Popsicles are made of a gin-based liqueur, fizzy Prosecco, a hint of lemon and strawberry puree, and are guaranteed to refresh you!
    Over Easter break, I discovered the wonderful world of boozy popsicles; especially Pimm's Cup Recipe. Now, if you're American, there's a solid chance you're saying, “Whose cup? Who is Pimm?”
    And before I get into what exactly a Pimm's Cup recipe is, and why you should most definitely try it, let's discuss boozy popsicles. Because that's requires a little explanation.
    Alcohol Popsicles
    We're talking about cocktails in popsicle form...
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