• The Best Salmon Wellington

    One year ago - By Food.com: Newest recipes

    Recipe from Simply Home Cooked. I made this for Valentine's day, and it was a big hit with my husband and also easy to make. - posted by Ginger Cook
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  • 10 Beet-Red Recipes For Valentine's Day

    10 Beet-Red Recipes For Valentine's Day

    One year ago - By Food Republic

    Ready to see red? You'd better be, it's Valentine's Day, the rosiest, reddest and most romantic holiday of the year. Take a leaf out of our cookbook and whip up one of our boldest-hued red recipes for Valentine's Day. They're sweet, savory and ready to charm the pants right off your special someone. Don't thank us, thank our love of beets.
    Recipe: Red Beet Gnocchi
    Like many of her six-year-old girlfriends, Lulu loves the color pink. And since she adores gnocchi, I created this recipe for her. The bright fuchsia dumplings against the delicate white in the sauce are simply stunning and oh so...
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