• Farm fences - Stone walls, Hedgerows, Waddle fences

    14 days ago - By Researching Food History

    These endangered fences using rock or trees/bushes should be preserved... or at least appreciated. There are several upcoming hedgerow talks and some very good talks on the variety of stone walls that were taped.
    Oct 20 Wed 2 How to Manage a Hedge. “Why do we have hedgerows? What do we mean by hedgerows?” Good/bad examples, how to manage. Megan Gimber. Shropshire Hedgerow Project monthly talks. CPRE Shropshire UK HERE speak on survey Nv 10
    Nov 10 Wed 2:30-3:45 Why Hedgerows are Fabulous and How to Survey Them. ‘Close the Gap',... ‘Healthy Hedgerows App' and learn specialized...
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