• Pitcher Drink Recipe: 4-Ingredient Sparkling White Peach Sangria - The 10-Minute Happy Hour

    7 monthes ago - By The Kitchn

    All right, people - we're in the thick of summer, so it's time to belly up to the bar for some ice-cold sangria with ripe summer fruit.
    Please don't go to that bad place in your mind of sickly sweet concoctions and hangovers so horrible that you'll swear off the stuff. Great sangria can be refreshing, and it's perfect for a summer party.
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  • 10 Best Summer Wines For Day Drinking

    10 Best Summer Wines For Day Drinking

    7 monthes ago - By PopSugar

    Nothing says Summer quite like patio drinks at 2 o'clock, and no drink is more refreshing for daytime sipping than a nice, light-bodied wine. While Fall and Winter lend themselves to fruity, bold reds , Summer is all about those crisp whites, smooth Rosés , and, contrary to popular belief, even a few light-bodied reds. Hand-picked straight from the experts, these 10 wines are highly rated, affordable, and perfect for day drinking. Put them on a bucket of ice and get ready to sip and savor them all Summer long.
    These Are the Best Wines to Drink, Based on Your Zodiac Sign
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