• Valentine Heart Cookies

    30 days ago - By Food Gawker

    The perfect sweet treat for Valentine's Day. Serve the buttery shortbread cookies plain or decorating with icing and sprinkles!
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  • Valentine Cookies

    Valentine Cookies

    30 days ago - By In Katrinas Kitchen

    The BEST Valentine Cookies - easy, no chill, no spread, soft cookies keep their shape perfectly, and the chocolate ones taste like brownies!
    We turned our Best Christmas Cookies into our Best Valentine Cookies. Keep them as they are, or make a few small changes. Either way, these vanilla and chocolate cut out cookies are a Reader Favorite with thousands of reviews and millions of saves every year.
    There is no need to chill the dough before rolling. Just mix, roll, cut, and bake!
    The chocolate cut-out cookies taste just like brownies.
    These Valentine Cookies are soft and can be rolled...
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