• Candy Bars? Pshh, These Piñatas Spew Mini Bottles of Booze Upon Impact, and I. Am. Sold

    3 monthes ago - By PopSugar

    My party-planning checklist typically looks a little something like this:
    Send out a Facebook invite to spread the word
    Make a bumpin' playlist with the perfect mix of current and throwback jams
    Stock up on drinks
    Stock up on plenty of snacks for when said drinks hit
    Decorate the space with corny ornamentations
    But now, I have a very vital addition for my checklist: Order a Nipyata online in advance. "A what ?" you ask? A Nipyata, which is essentially a piñata filled with booze. These adult-approved contraptions look like regular ol' piñatas at first glance: they're colorful, come in fun...
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