• Volcano house hot buttered rum

    3 monthes ago - By Cocktail Virgin Slut

    1 jigger Myers' Rum 1/2 jigger Sirop 1/2 jigger Lemon Juice
    A few dashes Maraschino
    Build in a large Fizz glass. Fill with very hot tea , float a small piece of butter, and add a lemon twist and 3-4 cloves.
    For a cocktail suggestion two Sunday nights ago, I picked out Ted Saucier's Bottoms Up and spotted a hot drink recipe that seemed perfect for the chilly weather. That drink was the Hot Buttered Rum created at the Volcano House in Hawaii by Bob A. Ida. I came to love Hot Buttered Rum when I tasked myself to create the house recipe at Loyal Nine for the inaugural winter season, and I...
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