• The Evolution of Malbec, Argentina's Signature Wine

    4 monthes ago - By Vine Pair

    It's impossible to find a grape that pleases every palate, but if we were going to throw one into the ring, it would definitely be Malbec. Fruit-forward, full-bodied, and with soft tannins, there's no resisting Malbec's allure, and the versatile variety is not only an easy, elegant accompaniment to a rich meal but also an excellent wine to sip solo, too.
    Malbec in 60 Seconds:
    Malbec is one of six grapes allowed in a red Bordeaux blend.
    Today, more than 75 percent of the world's Malbec comes from Argentina.
    Plantings of Malbec in Argentina have increased by 171 percent since 2000.
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